Modern-Day Slavery in Romania

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October 18, 2012 by nbgarrett

“Can I be sure you’re not giving me back to them?” Diana whispered from the backseat of the car. “I’m scared.” The trembling figure, huddled in a blanket against a cold Bucharest night, had only minutes earlier been just one of the legion of girls for sale in Romania’s human-trafficking market. Driven by fear, her words tumbled out, “They hit me. He stabbed me with a knife. You want to see the wound? I’m hungry. Do you like me? You want sex with me? Can I have your kids afterwards? “I’ll be a good wife. Do you want to marry me? You know, they starved me. Do you want me to take off my blouse? I need to eat something! Promise I will never be starved ever again? I want to smoke, too. And don’t forget to buy me chocolate.” Diana – her name has been changed for the purposes of this story – cost us 400 US dollars. As part of a joint investigation by IWPR and the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism, RCIJ, we had just purchased her from a trafficker. A few days before, she had passed New Years Eve chained and freezing in a dog cage. (See link below to read the rest of her story)

Today is Anti-Slavery Day which I think is perfect timing to make you aware of the human trafficking that occurs in Romania.
There are 27 million people in the world who are modern-day slaves.  This includes slaves forced into prostitution as well as those into forced labor.  According to this CNN article, Romania has been identified as an international hot spot for such slavery because of it’s prime location connecting the Europe and Asia and the lax border regulation since Romania joined the EU in 2007.
At a missions conference last month, we got to hear from Christine Caine who founded A21 Campaign about how God is using her to rescue girls in various parts of the world.  We specifically heard stories about her work in Greece.  Most of the traffic victims in Greece are imported from Romania and it’s surrounding countries!  Thousands of Romanian men, women, and children are being used as slaves both in the country and outside.
Trafficking is real in all parts of the world (even very much alive in Dallas!), just more proof that the Enemy is hard at work to keep people enslaved to sin and darkness.  More than one kind of rescue is needed for these victims.  But “Salvation belongs to our God” according to Psalm 3!  Please pray today for these victims, especially those tied to Romania.  Psalm 3, Psalm 68, Psalm 72 (and more!) are great passages to pray over those enslaved and oppressed.
For more information on trafficking, check out these sites:
This yahoo article was just posted today
A21 Campaign
International Justice Mission
Not For Sale Romania
The story about Diana (above) is here at Safe World for Women

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