Specific ways to pray for us this month


November 6, 2012 by nbgarrett

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  • Loan Payoff — Of our remaining 3 student loans, we have the goal to pay off the next one by January.  However, with some very expensive car repairs and the expenses involved with having a baby, we are struggling to reach that goal.  Please pray that we can reach our goal of paying off the next loan by the end of January!
  • Birth of Baby James — Brittany’s due date has come and gone and we are just waiting for James to be ready to join us.  Pray for a healthy delivery and sweet family time after his birth.
  • Home group visits — We are scheduled to visit a home group at the end of this month and hope to schedule more visits by the end of the year.  Pray that we can get more visits on the calendar for 2012 and that these are fruitful, encouraging times.
  • Church Sending Program requirements — The Sending Program is a year-long program to apply for support from our church–to have them officially send us out as missionaries.  We are close to finishing the requirements and hope to be done by December (or at least the end of the year).  Pray that we are diligent with these last remaining tasks and we can receive official backing from our church soon.

Thank you for praying, friends.  As always, let us know if you have any questions about the requests or our journey to Romania.  We need you all, and thank God for you.


One thought on “Specific ways to pray for us this month

  1. Dick Ackley says:

    Thanks for this update. You remain in my prayers. – Dick

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