Skype, Fairs, and New Partners


February 11, 2013 by nbgarrett

This has been a great, encouraging week and we are thankful for your prayers!

Last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet our new teammate via Skype!  Jocelyn is from Guatemala and has been burdened for Romania for several years.  She is in the same process we are and will hopefully head for Romania in October, which is also our projected date.  This was an encouraging time as we talked with her and also heard from our director on the plans for this fall.

We had a full and exhausting weekend as we had an information table set up at our church all weekend long.  We got to share our hearts with people after each of the weekend’s four services and we hope to be meeting with many of them individually in the coming weeks.  Our boys did great as we had them with us all weekend.  Joshua got to experience having no nap, being dragged around with us, and having a late bedtime…and he handled it better than any 2 year old could be expected!  James was content just being with Mommy, even though feeding and naps were worked around our schedule rather than his demands.  These boys are truly a blessing!  We will be doing another missions fair this week at our Alma Mater.  Pray for us on Tuesday and Wednesday, please!

We are so thankful for the new financial partners we have gained this week!  We have met with a few families this week who have expressed interest in giving, but are still praying about how much to give.  Please pray that these new partners would become official soon!  We have 2 months before we need to be at the 67% mark!

Blessings on all of you!  We thank God for you!


One thought on “Skype, Fairs, and New Partners

  1. I’m so glad you got to share with people at your missions table last weekend! We will be praying for those connections you made and for y’all to reach your funding goals soon. 🙂

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