Immeasurably More


April 26, 2013 by nbgarrett

When preparing our newsletter at the end of March, we had 37% of our support needed.  We have been working double time the past four weeks, meeting with many of you, Skyping with you, meeting your home groups, sharing the vision God has given us for proclaiming His name among the nations!  As you know, we had to bump that 37% up to 66% so that we could register for a crucial training this summer.  Raising 29% in just four weeks?  We have seen our gracious Father do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.  There were times of anxiety.  Fear that we wouldn’t make it.  But also, many conversations about how even if we didn’t make this goal, God is good and He has His purposes in making us wait.  We have commented many times that God would make this a photo finish (of this preliminary race…we still have to make it to 100% before we can go!) and that He would flex His muscles and work in such a way that all the glory would be His alone!
That is exactly what happened.  We had to cancel meetings this past few weeks because of sick kids.  There were a few times that people told us that they can’t partner with us.  But there were also plenty of times that you met with us, distracted by our noisy kids, and you partnered with us.  Some of you have  ??  Some of you said you could only give “x” much…but then you changed it to “xxxx” much!  In a matter of 24 hours, we had ELEVEN people send us their Faith Promise.  This week alone, we have increased by 22%!  MOST of those attached a message like this: “I know it’s not much, but I can only give $20/mo.” Do you know that if EVERYONE on our update list that isn’t already giving would give only $20 per month, we would already be at 100%?  The amount you give does not matter to us…we ask only that you seek what God would have you give!  We are THRILLED that we have a large base of supporters.  We would rather have a bunch of people giving a little bit than only a few people giving a lot.
So this is what it comes down to.  In 4 weeks, God has called 33 people to partner with us.  That’s an average of more than 1 new partner every day!  Our glorious God has brought us from 37% to 67.5% in that time!  Glory to His name!  It came down to the wire.  He caused us to press into Him and rest in who He is.  Provider.  Sovereign God.  Loving Father.  He has met our needs, and then some!  God alone.
Now who’s ready for the next goal??  Let’s get to 90% by the time we leave for our training in July!  =)

One thought on “Immeasurably More

  1. Aunt Peggy says:

    What a wonderful God we serve! I guess the old saying “God is never late but rarely early” holds true, right? Just so SO thrilled for you!! May the Lord continue to heap blessings on you in a mighty way.

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